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Caobisco in cooperation with other key supply chain actors are working ever closer together to identify solutions along with partners in both governments and civil society. Industry partners include The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), the European Institute for Cooperation and Development, Africare, CARE International, GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, International Fund for Education and Self Help, the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified, Fair Trade, Winrock International, CARITAS, and Family Health International, among many others. 

CAOBISCO members are involved in many different programs which are coordinated by the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) or the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF).

Industry programs are making a real difference to more than a million of children in West Africa. Programmes focus on:

  • increasing access to education (building schools, training teachers),
  • educating cocoa farmers on unacceptable labour practices,
  • improving agricultural practices to ensure better yields and therefore better income for farmers,
  • encouraging improved farmer collective working and farmer co-operatives.

In addition to the joint industry activities, individual companies also have programmes designed to create a sustainable cocoa supply chain. Learn more.

CAOBISCO national associations and company members are also engaged in national roundtables and initiatives in Germany (German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa, GISCO), Nordic countries and The Netherlands.