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Sept 29,2017  -  CIUS welcomes the End of the Sugar and Isoglucose Quota Regime as a step in the right direction

CIUS welcomes the End of the Sugar and Isoglucose Quota Regime as a step in the right direction

CIUS, the European Sugar Users, welcomes the end to market-distorting sugar production quotas. They have for too long, hampered the competitiveness of the European sugar-using food and drink industries.

Sugar Users seek security of supply from competitive and sustainable production and refining of beet and cane sugar in the EU.

Quote from the CIUS President, Robert Guichard

“On the 1st of October, the sugar and isoglucose quota regime finally disappears. CIUS welcomes this as a major step towards sustainable supplies of sugar for the sugar-using food and drink industries.

This is a significant change and new opportunity for the whole sugar supply chain: farmers, sugar industry and sugar users. Each actor within the supply chain must adapt in order to benefit from the new market environment. As producers and buyers become more familiar with the risk management tools that are available today, they will be able to handle the expected increase in volatility and strengthen their positioning in global markets.

With the removal of production and export restrictions, we see that European sugar producers are increasing their output to develop their sales globally. We wish them every success.

We do however remain concerned about an important remaining anomaly: as of 1st of October, exports of European sugar will no longer be restricted, however imports of sugar into the European Union will still be very limited. CIUS would like to see this unbalanced market framework corrected as soon as possible. We would like to see fair competition between cane refiners and beet manufacturers. And we need to have direct access to alternative sources of supply in case of shortages. We are therefore counting on the EU to include some duty free access to raw and white sugar in all future EU trade agreements.

Europe benefits from the positive trade balance and growing exports of high European value add sugar containing food and drink products. In order to continue to succeed in increasingly competitive local, European and global markets, we depend on the security and competitiveness of supply of sugar”.

Contact: For all enquiries please contact Muriel Korter, CIUS Secretary-General Tel: +32/498.70.81.58


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