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Dairy Market

Like other stakeholders in the dairy supply chain, CAOBISCO members need a sustainable supply of dairy ingredients

Dairy products are major ingredients of CAOBISCO products. Therefore, developments on the EU dairy market are of high significance for CAOBISCO members.

The Dairy Reform package proposed by the Commission was published in December 2010. It included a transitional growth of production quotas by 1% until their elimination in 2015. This was welcomed by CAOBISCO members although the measure was not very significant as regards of the increase of dairy supply on the EU market, due to a high protection on imports.

The proposed reform of the Common Agricultural Policy reiterated the end of production quotas in 2015, which was welcomed by CAOBISCO as it would mean sustainable supply of EU dairy products if market instruments are being reformed in parallel.

CAOBISCO needs to make sure that the European Parliament and the Council do not revert on the EU’s plan to eliminate dairy quotas in 2015 and re-install any kind of supply management measures that would undermine the EU dairy market management towards more market orientation.