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The challenges

CAOBISCO members work together and in partnership with other stakeholders throughout the cocoa supply chain to ensure that cocoa is sourced and products are manufactured in a responsible manner from an economic, environmental and social point of view
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Industry engagement

In September 2001, global chocolate and cocoa industry representatives signed an agreement, known as the “Harkin-Engel Protocol”. It has been an important catalyst for change in the labour practices within the cocoa in West Africa. A key action has been to create the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI), an independent multi-stakeholder foundation working with civil society, industry and origin governments to strengthen collective child labour mitigation efforts.
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Caobisco in cooperation with other key supply chain actors are working ever closer together to identify solutions along with partners in both governments and civil society.
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ISO CEN/TC415 Standard for traceable and sustainable cocoa

In 2012, Caobisco members together with other partners started work on the definition of an ISO CEN/TC415 Standard for traceable and sustainable Cocoa to effectively support the scaling up of holistic initiatives.
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Key to success

Working at a sustainable cocoa farming and economy allowing farmers, families and children achieve a better life while ensuring the sustainable production of quality cocoa beans needs:
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