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Commitment and partnership

Working towards sustainable palm oïl production - Include links to partners' websites and interesting readings
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CAOBISCO Approach to Sustainable palm oil

CAOBISCO commitment to support 100% sustainable palm oil in Europe
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Sustainable palm oil monitoring results

Certified sustainable palm oil increased from 46% to 57% between 2014 and 2015
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Why palm oil

Palm oil has specific functional properties necessary to manufacture CAOBISCO products: it provides taste and texture, in particular crunchiness, to a whole range of products.
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Vision to stop deforestation

CAOBISCO supports the European Commission’s development of supply side measures to address deforestation and to encourage sustainably produced commodities. With this position paper, CAOBISCO shows support for sustainably produced palm oil which we believe to be a much better and more reasonable alternative to stopping the use of palm oil in general. As the EU can play a decisive role in the transition towards sustainable palm oil production worldwide, CAOBISCO welcomes EU initiatives to drive this process forward.
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