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Mercosur and Mexico trade agreements: the quest for a sugar fix - Nov 13,2017

The end of the quota system has not upended the EU’s restrictive sugar import regime. The EU is seeking to finalise free trade negotiations with the South American trading bloc Mercosur and with Mexico by the end of this year. It is also to launch free trade negotiations with Australia. All three trading partners are cane sugar exporters. It might only be a matter of time until the EU allows more import of cane sugar from outside the bloc.

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EU chocolate exports to Canada set to rise as - Sept 28,2017

Canada no longer taxes chocolate confectionery imported from the EU after free trade agreement CETA took effect last week.

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Chocolate and candy tax proposed in the UK - May 11,2017

Pressure group Action on Sugar is urging the UK government to expand a sugar tax on soft drinks to chocolate and sweet confectionery – a move seen as “punitive” and "discriminatory” by industry bodies.

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