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Oct 18,2017  -  CAOBISCO proud to be present at the ILO European Regional Meeting in Istanbul

CAOBISCO proud to be present at the ILO European Regional Meeting in Istanbul

During the first week of October 2017, CAOBISCO’s Project Manager Camille Taper spoke for CAOBISCO at the International Labour Organisation’s European Regional Meeting (ERM) held in Istanbul, Turkey, which takes place every four years in various European capitals. It brings together Government, Employer and Worker representatives from European and Central Asian countries (see here).

At this meeting, CAOBISCO held a booth at which it represented its specific project in partnership with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Dutch and Turkish Governments on the sustainability of the seasonal agriculture in the hazelnut supply chain in Turkey, working together to abolish the Worst Forms of Child Labour.  

Since 2013 CAOBISCO has participated in a public-private partnership with the ILO Office for Turkey, and has been engaged in a programme to improve labour and social practices in the hazelnut supply chain in Turkey. The continuous collaborative work between government, social partners, private sector, civil society organisations and other stakeholders, contributes to a sustainable strategy not only in the seasonal agriculture in hazelnut harvesting but also overall agriculture in a broader perspective. The ILO Office for Turkey is in effective collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, social partners, local governments and municipalities, local, national and international NGOs to preserve significant gains in Turkey on the elimination of Worst Forms of Child Labour in particular through contributing the development and implementation of an effective child labour monitoring mechanism.

At the ERM, CAOBISCO held an informative booth promoting its work in the public-private partnership, advocating for the abolishment of the Worst Forms of Child Labour in the seasonal agriculture of the hazelnut supply chain in Turkey. This project has many facets, including field operations, education activities for the children of seasonal workers through social support centres, information sharing, and educational features to each of the actors.

Further, CAOBISCO showcased the two documentaries produced by the ILO “Pikolo I: Growing to a better future” and “Pikolo II: One year older”, which include interviews with all important actors in the Hazelnut supply chain since the implementation of the objectives and goals of the project: farm owners, middlemen, seasonal agricultural workers and their children, teachers of social support centres, ILO project directors, and field operators.

During this week, many high-level key participants involved in employment, social affairs, or labour mobility were present, including Government representatives, EU Commissioners, Parliamentarians, Directors General of various socially oriented associations, representatives of social partners and university professors. Over 500 people participated to this 4 day event, reaching hundreds of engagements and strong impressions. Special interest was shown by Mrs. Marianne Thyssen, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, and Mr. Guy Ryder, Director General of the International Labour Organisation.

CAOBISCO would like to thank Mr. Ryder and the International Labour Organisation for a very successful public-private partnership project advocating the abolishment of the Worst Forms of Child Labour in the seasonal agriculture of hazelnuts in Turkey.

From left to right: Camille Taper (CAOBISCO Project Manager), Numan Özcan (Director, ILO Office for Turkey), Guy Ryder (ILO Director General), Marianne Thyssen (European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility), Ceren Ababay Tosyalı (Project Assistant, ILO Office for Turkey)