Chocolate, biscuits & confectionery of Europe

Enjoy & Move


We all know chocolate’s (and confectioneries in general) little secret: it brings pleasure - an essential and unique ingredient of life!


Chocolate, biscuits and confectionery products are delightful indulgences that can be consumed in reasonable amounts within a varied and balanced diet, as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Food is only one component of a healthy lifestyle. Another key element is to practice regular physical activity! And we would like to share with you some fun tips on how you can move more everyday by just changing your habits.


Do you know that we gain weight from an imbalance between calories in and calories out? Today’s lifestyle has become far too sedentary for adults, adolescents as well as children. We spend too much time sitting, watching TV or playing on video games. So let’s move and burn the energy we get from our diet!


European chocolate, biscuits & confectionery manufacturers take measures to help you make appropriate and mindful food choices: they provide many different products in different portions. They provide clear nutrition labelling. They are committed to creating new products and reformulating existing recipes when relevant. But there are things they can’t do for you and one of them is making you move!


Moving is easier than you think! So shake your body and become a…


                      ...Chocolate Mover!




How does a Chocolate Mover shake their body?


  • Wrap up and take a walk out in nature

  • Put on your favourite dancing music, turn it up and dance

  • Play with your children! Run, hide, jump, squat, crawl and laugh. It’s good for you and them!

  • Take care of your garden. Digging, planting and weeding excellent forms of exercise requiring strength or stretching

  • Forget your car and walk or ride to the shop

  • Want to go up? Forget the lift, take the stairs!

  • Choose face-to-face conversations with your colleagues instead of e-mails or calls

  • At work, use the printer furthest away from your desk, and get in those extra steps

  • Sing gospel! You’ll use your arms, legs, abdominals and many more muscles you didn’t even know you had!

  • Need to take the bus? Get out one stop earlier and walk

  • Need to take your car? Park further and walk

  • Walk and play with your dog, they will love you for it!

  • Create a football, basketball or volley-ball team with friends and play

  • Find on-line fitness or zumba videos and shake your booty

  • When talking on the phone, stand up and walk around.

  • Exercise your abs or your posterior chain muscles while waiting in line, by tightening then releasing them repeatedly

  • Need to discuss an important matter with a colleague? Skip the conference room and take a walk

  • Throw snowballs at a lean tree. This will help you practice your aim.

  • Go jogging or ice skating with friends

  • If you really need to play video games choose active ones

  • Forget the remote control and stand up to change the channel

  • Put some rock’n’roll in your house cleaning



   And now come up with your own tips!